Greek Business Incubation Center of CERN


CERN has established a network of nine Business Incubation Centres (BICs) throughout its Member States, to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in taking CERN technologies and expertise to the market.

In practice, CERN supports the selected companies through technical visits to CERN, technical consultancy and services, and preferential rate licensing of CERN intellectual property. The BIC managers provide office-space, expertise, business support, access to local and national networks, and support in accessing finance.

In 2019, Patras Science Park was selected as the National Business Incubation Center of CERN.


The scientific advancements of CERN push the frontiers of technology, which has a positive impact on society globally. Although the core mission of the Laboratory is fundamental research in particle physics, it also has a remit to train the next generation of scientists and to bring nations together. The transfer of CERN technologies and expertise to society is an integral part of these activities, providing novel solutions in many fields.


If you are an innovative start-up, spin-off, micro-entreprise, or an SME younger than 2 years or you have a business idea but your company is not yet incorporated apply for the Greek BIC of CERN Technologies program! Whether or not you know precisely which CERN’s IP you need to improve your project, the program is designed to help you get the best technical support and access to the relevant technologies.

Participation process
  1. Click here to download the Expression of Interest (EOI)
  2. Fill out the document and send it directly to
  3. Afterwards, a PSP representative will contact with you to guide and inform you about your request
  4. If your participation is legitimate, PSP will sent your EOI to CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Experts for evaluation
  5. You will be notified from PSP about your participation progression


You can submit your Expression of Interest until September 2020.

Support provided by CERN BICs

Who we are

CERN Technologies

Preferential licensing terms to support startups

Why we are

Funding - Grant

Up to € 40,000 funding provided by the Patras Science Park

Where you are


Access to premises and infrastructure by Patras Science Park

How it starts

CERN Consultation

Up to 40 hours of free consultation provided by CERN experts.

Where you are

Business Strategy

Support with business strategy and planning; HR; Legal; Fund raising

How it starts

CERN Additional help

Additional help from CERN and Patras Science Parkto help accelerate growth